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NOW Aqua Blue Multi-Sport tracker + coach

NOW Aqua Blue Multi-Sport tracker + coach


Product Code:MOOVNAQ

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Product details

  • 12+ scientific guided workouts
  • 3rd party heart rate monitor support
  • 6-month battery life
  • Analyses & coaches form
  • Can be worn with a second Moov unit to improve workout reading possibilities
  • connect and compete with friends
  • counts reps for you
  • Dustproof
  • No charging required
  • Omni Motion 3D sensor
  • Talks to you as you workout (optional)
  • Waterproof
    Smaller, lighter, more breathable, 6 month battery life and available in
    4 fashionable colors: Fusion Red, Blizzard White, Stealth Black & Aqua Blue.

    Moov holds a unique position among the current wearable fitness solutions. While tracking your daily activity reminds you to go out and get active Moov translates your exact movements into coaching. Moov offers more than 12 guided programs with over 200 levels in sports including running, cycling,
    swimming, body weight training, and cardio boxing. Real-time coaching pushes you to improve throughout each workout, bringing your fitness and workout experience to a whole new level.

    The band is breathable and light-weight for comfort, whether you are at the office or dripping sweat running sprints. A 6 month battery life means Moov is always ready for a workout when you are and you never have to take it off to charge.

    Intelligent audio and visual coaching gives you more than just status updates. It educates, pushes, and encourages you. Form tracking prevents injury and doesn't let cheating slide.

    Your body adapts when performing the same exercises, which causes limited results and fewer calories burned. Counter this by exploring all Moov sports to change up your routine and work your body in new ways.

    Using motion-sensing systems found in strategic missiles, Moov accurately recreates motion in a 3D environment. Wearing two Moovs provides heightened precision to optimize the way your body works as a system.

    RUN & WALK
    • Programs for speed, endurance, form, weight loss and strength goals
    • Improve as you run with real-time coaching
    • Injury prevention through impact and form coaching
    • Levels let you gradually increase intensity to see results fast

    • The only app with automatic stroke style recognition and lap grouping
    • Lap breakdowns with lap time, strokes, turn time and rests
    • Highlights show longest continuous swim and fastest 100

    • Fun and interactive game-based workout challenges your mind and body
    • Instructional videos teach the basic punches and technique
    • Work out anywhere, from home to hotel

    • Coaching instructs you on when to shift gears to save energy
    • In depth analytics capable of replacing your bike computer
    • Map of your ride shows where you rode your fastest
    • Metrics on the degree of difficulty of your ride, your power output, and your cadence

    7 MINUTE+
    • Based on the 7 minute workout published by the American College of Sports Medicine
    • High intensity exercises result in benefits comparable to those of a long run
    • Automatic rep counting
    • Guided workouts with video and audio instruction keep your form tight

    • Active minutes account for all types of activity and Moov workouts
    • Tracks active time, level of activity intensity, and calories
    • Automatically detects sleep

    Product Code: MOOVNAQ

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